I think it matters how you express yourself, how you approach an issue. Because you have a platform, I think you have a responsibility to not just speak off the top of your head and post, especially on topics that are complex and can cause pain. I don't know if it's the ideal place to debate and have constructive conversations, but I'd rather  there be more information and a platform for under-represented voices rather than a sanitised, silent space.


There's a lot of space to learn on social media if you follow the right resources. Maybe it's less about discourse but about listening to people who are informed and involved in different situations. I like to see people grow and share what they've learned. 


It's a bit of a tricky place, because of the limitations mentioned, the character limits, the lack of tone and context. You can easily overthink what you want to say, feel anxious that you'll be under-informed, or will be judged, or misunderstood. I find it easier to just stay silent, but I don't want to be complicit when there are really important discussions happening everywhere online. I haven't figured out how to deal with this yet...