Yeah super aware of privacy issues. I take a lot of precautions, I think we need to be more aware of things. Highly recommend "Privacy is power" by Carissa Véliz.


I'm mostly aware of the different people who'll see my stuff. I don't post certain things on platform where family will see it, but then in more private groups I feel comfortable sharing pretty freely. I know I should be more careful with the whole whatsapp privacy update. But it's so essential to my life I just have to work with it. I still draw the line at some stuff, but I feel like a lot of information is already out there anyways...


I'm a bit lost to be honest, I don't know how to properly protect my information. I don't really get the cookie thing, and then for more and more things, bookings, purchases, you need to create and account, share personal information, input your card details.. I really feel the data economy. I dread to think of what information is available on me out there...