Yes!!! So much pressure to be active because of my work! The algorithm on instagram changes all the time and to have access to your audience you have to be super present! And also you just have to have an online presence for clients to find my work....


I feel pressure to make statements/responses to social and political situations in the world. I see people criticize others for staying silent on certain issues, and wonder if I convey preference for certain topics when I fail to post about a certain one. However, I don't always feel qualified or informed enough to share about an issue.


To be honest, yeah there’s some pressure, not so much from daily life, but from the apps themselves. They fuel an addiction to notifications and you just keep going back to it. I guess that’s not so much pressure to be active, but pressure to have it be a part of your life these days, as a norm. I don’t post on every platform, but I’m hooked to a couple. 


 Less now than before.


i dont feel it. i dont f*****g care.


I personally don’t feel that pressure. It’s not essential for me in terms of communication, and I have nothing to personally promote, so I get to escape the craziness, lucky me


I do, especially from a professional point of vue. It's important for illustrators and visual designers to have an online presence in order to get our work out there. When it comes to personal sharing, I don't feel as much pressure to constantly be sharing as I used to. Now when I post, it's usually impulsive and fun things, nice parts of my life that I want to share.