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Please note :
This is a beta
version, some
features may
be absent, or just
a bit clunky.
Please bear with, 
and please reach
out if you'd like
to help me build
version 2.0 !

In online spaces, we’ve learned particular dynamics of communication through the observation of our peers, the news we read, the patterns we recognise

in algorithms… We curate and perform communication on social media. 
On top of that, we’re so limited in how we convey tone, intention, emotion,

so many keys to the context of our expression.  It's a new paradigm

of communication, distinct from our previous patterns of conversation

and speech. I question myself about how I exist and share online,

how I am read and how I read others.

If you overthink these things too, maybe this can help.


This space aims to bring visibility to the complexity and multitude of our experiences as humans online, offering a forum to share about the ways we approach sharing, privacy, community… I invite you to take part in this project and share your responses to a series of prompts on these topics.

You'll be participating in a collective, anonymous archive of shared experiences that we can then relate to, learn from, and hopefully grow a greater consideration for the layered, complex nature of our voices online.


A project about growing transparency,
complexity and emotion in our online communications



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