(in progress)

I believe that working within a parametric, process-led approach is far more fruitful than an obsessive search for one great idea.


I believe that graphic design and illustration are slightly outdated boundaries. 


I believe that there is a sweet spot to think about the porous boundary between these fields,

and I get there when I think of written language and letterforms and symbolism and abstraction,

of developing visual vocabularies to be interpreted.


I believe that visual communication is a unique tool to give voice to complex ideas and identities

and promote understanding and empathy, even if it is a commercial tool.


I believe that the most enjoyable work is done when listening to and interacting with your audience and user.

The best visual communication is a conversation.


I believe that user-oriented, audience-led and participative design can be an exceptional tool for this purpose.


I believe that the best work comes from discussion and interaction with others, and that collective intelligence is a powerful thing.


I believe that I have much more to learn.


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